Rexxam launches LED Slit Lamp RS Series


The new Rexxam slit lamp RS series have high quality optics with versatile functionalities and are easy to use. The series consists of three models; RS-5000, RS-500 and RS-300.
Drastic improvements were applied to the device in order to achieve comfortable and smooth operation by newly designed joystick and ergonomic base design that ensures solid movement to the various desired positions. The newly designed main and background illumination control dials are designed to be easily and intuitively used with one hand. From the wide range of LEDs, we have chosen the LED which is closest to the conventional halogen light colour temperature.
RS-5000 and the RS-500 integrate seamlessly with Rexxam’s dedicated digital camera DCS-700 (optional accessory) for outstanding digital imaging possibilities with a press of the joystick button.

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Rexxam launches Auto Ref-Topographer REF TOPO RET-700


All-in-one model including auto ref, keratometer, topographer, PC and database

Auto Ref-Topographer with pursued functionality and operability

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Rexxam launches Specular Microscope SPM-700


Specular microscope with easy operation and speedy analysis

Easy, Speedy and Accurate

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Rexxam launches LCD Chart LCD-1000P


Smart, Slim & Easy to use.
LCD Chart LCD-1000P.

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Rexxam launches Digital Lensmeter DL-1000


Beautiful, cool design lensmeter comes with new UV , PD transmittance measurement functions.
Degital Lensmeter DL-1000.

Hi-Speed UV measurement

Measurements of lens power and UV are performed simultaneously.
The results are displayed right away.

"Dual Nose Pad" PD measurement

With our unique "Dual Nose Pad" the PD measurement is much quicker and easier.
Higher work efficiency on left and right lens measurement.

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