HOMENewsTopicsRexxam launches Auto Ref-Topographer REF TOPO RET-700


Rexxam launches Auto Ref-Topographer REF TOPO RET-700

[Topics] 2018.02.22.

All-in-one model including auto ref, keratometer, topographer, PC and database

Auto Ref-Topographer with pursued functionality and operability


Measurements of the auto ref, kerato and topography are taken at the same time. Maximum 6 images of topography are captured continuously.

Wide Topo Measurement Range

The measurement range is from 0.4mm to 10.7mm(R8.0).
Also, the peripheral corneal (approx. 16.00mm) is measurable.

A Variety of Analysis Function

A variety of analysis display includes Current map, Multiple map, Dual case, Difference map, Aberration and CL fitting etc.

Ring Edit Function

A ring can be assigned manually if the ring cannot be measured automatically.

Wide Screen

10.4 inch wide color screen.
The swivel/tilt function allows the operator to support easily the patient during operation.