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Lightweight, cordless models can be carried any place.
No cord to obstruct handling the lens meter Also, now you can use our LM-15 with an AC adapter!

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  • New refined appearance with convenience-oriented design ensures operational ease.
  • Troublesome lamp replacement is eliminated by an LED light source.
  • The auto power-off function maximizes battery life even when the OFF-switch is forgotten. The batteries run for more than 200 hours continuously, and the power-off time is adjustable (2-6 min.).
  • Can be clamped at any angle within from 45°~90°allowing measurement
    while in a comfortable position.
  • Can be tilted to a full 90°for easy measurement of contact lenses.
  • When an AC adapter is connected, the battery supply circuit is automatically closed to save battery life.
LM-15 LM-15(Internal reading type)LM-15(Internal reading type)


AC adapter (Specifications)
Out put : DC 3V 500mA
Out put plug size
Outside diameter : 5.5mm
Inside diameter : 2.5mm
Length : 9.5mm
Polarity : see below

Model LM-15
Vertex refracting power Measurement range 0~±25D
Graduation Within ±3D : 0.125D step
Over ±3D : 0.25D step
Prism refracting power Measurement range 0~5△D
Graduation 1△D step
With prism compensator Max. 20 △D
Axis angle Measurement range 0~180°
Inspection lens diameter Measurement range 24~90 mm φ(Contact lens possible)
Tilting 45~90°
Power supply SUM3 battery×2 or AC adapter (option)
Light source LED
Dimensions 355(H)×340(D)×170(W)
Weight 3.6kg
Standard accessories 1 Dust cover
1 Standard lens holder
1 Contact lens holder
1 Bifocal lens holder
Optional accessories Prism compensator
Diopter range : 15 diopters
Graducations : 1 diopter step
Angle scale : 0~180°
Graduations : 5°
AC adapter (see specifications)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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